Family Camp 2019
"Freedom in Christ — His Plan for YOU!"

2019 promises to be a very exciting year of ministry for Fair Havens & its staff. During the summer, we will delve into ‘Freedom in Christ - His Plan for YOU’. A Plan of Hope & Promise, a Plan of Restoration and New Growth in Him and a Plan for Eternal Life, ALL because of His Sacrifice for each of His Children.

Our Prayer is that God will awaken & renew a desire in each of us to get to Know God in a more personal and intimate way. He offers us FREELY His Gift of Salvation… all we need to do is ACCEPT IT. For we KNOW that He IS All-Powerful, Ever-Present, Holy, Our Creator, All-Loving, Merciful & Just, Ever-Faithful, Good and Cares about us Personally. He IS Awesome!! He gives us ‘FREEDOM in HIM’.

Our Desire for each one of our guests is found in Galatians 5:1 - “Christ has set us free to enjoy our freedom. So remain strong in the faith. Don’t let the chains of slavery hold you again.”

As well, our Fair Havens team is excited to host you and your family, this summer, and trust that you will be blessed as you invest in time together – to refresh, refocus, reconnect – in the beauty of God’s Creation.

You’ll want to come & celebrate with us! There are many Programs & Experiences for all ages with pricing options to suit your budget. Please call our office staff for assistance in ‘Building your 2019 Fair Havens Getaway!’

Sincerely, on behalf of the Fair Havens Team,

Liz Thompson
Executive Director

Rev. Gord Hiscox
Ministry & Site Director