Building a Firm Foundation

Values.jpgThe strength of Fair Havens Ministries is the team of people, including staff and volunteers, that God has brought together to provide leadership and accomplish the tasks that make things happen!

Core Values

As an organization we are committed to a set of CORE VALUES that guide our behaviour and initiatives.

We value people - Every person is esteemed as created in the image of God and of great worth in his/her uniqueness.

We strive for unity in relationships - We will work interdependently, persuing a true sense of belonging to one another and pursuing unity in all of our relationships (staff, guests, suppliers, churches, etc).

We are passionate about impact - We are rigorous about evaluating our programs and activities and exploring new ideas in order to increase life transforming impact, to the glory of God.

We believe in strategic partnerships - We value the synergy that comes from working together with other like-minded ministries.

We believe in 'getaway' experiences - We believe that intentional 'getaway' experiences (retreats, conference, camps, travel, solitude, etc) are a highly effective tool in bringing people to maturity in Christ.

We believe in true hospitality - We will strive to be the physical expression of Christ's love, care and peace to all whose path we cross; demonstrating genuine, helpful care for each individual in his or her circumstance.

Vision for the Organization

Our team is also committed to pursuing a set of three strategic vision statements that will help build a God-honouring, trustworthy and effective organization into the future.

We will faithfully and with integrity administer our God-given resources in pursuit of our vision and be led by a motivated and supported staff and volunteer community.

We will provide a safe place that is proactively maintained, beautiful in nature and well-equipped to support our ministry vision.

Our staff and volunteer community will provide a clearly defined level of quality service, anticipating the needs of our guests and consistently over delivering on promised services.