The Kingdom Vision

Vision.jpgSpecifically, our resources will be directed to support life changing impact in the following areas:

  1. Family Health
  2. Youth Discipleship
  3. Partnerships with other like-minded ministries.

For each of these areas we believe God has given us a vision to strategically direct our activities.

1. We see families being encouraged and experiencing joy as they learn to navigate life based on God's design and promises.

Through the provision of accessible and highly memorable family camp and retreat experiences, our hope is to restore a sense of joy and encouragement to families in today's society; a society where the erosion of the strength and function of the natural family is so very prevalent. This deterioration of the family is a leading cause of many of the crisis facing our great nation (crime, economics, etc). It's time to turn our families back to God and to an understanding and practice of His design for each person and the families they are part of.

We believe that a family camp or retreat experience away from the busyness of everyday life, based on a philosophy of family togetherness, coupled with foundational Bible teaching for all ages, can and will be used of God to restore family health and strength, resulting in renewed joy.

We have seen hundreds of families being restored and renewed through their experiences at Fair Havens as more than 20,000 guest nights are registered each year during our summer family camp program.

Family togetherness...isn't it about time?

2. We see you people, passionately following Jesus Christ; living purpose-filled lives as they affect and infect all whom they meet with the life changing power of God.

In a world where there is a growing trend toward lack of purpose or sense of truth amoung our young people, there is an urgent need for experiential training and faith walk modeling for our younger generation. Three specific programming priorities provide opportunities each year for us to positively impact young people in their faith walk and fellowship of Jesus Christ.

Stepping Stones, a multi-faceted youth program enrolling more than 100 students annually provides a highly concentrated discipleship experience for durations of 8, 4 and 2 months. The Lordship of Christ is the focus in the life impact areas of spiritual transformation, community living and excellence.

Fair Havens Teen Program is an investment in the lives of the youth who attend family camp each summer. The truth of God's love, redemption and justice is applied to the highly challenging society that today's teens find themselves in. More than 1,000 teens attend this program each year.

Fair Glen Outdoor Christian Education hosts more than 3,000 children and young people for a Biblically-based environmental education experience. Each year these students are exposed to the truth and wonder of God as expressed through His natural creation.

3. We see Fair Havens sharing its God-given resources with other like-minded ministries for more effective and efficient Kingdom impact.

God moves amoung this world and His people in many different ways through various movements, local churches and ministry organizations. Our desire is to share the resources (facility, services, systems, skills and expertise) that God has placed in our care to support other organizations and local church bodies in their Kingdom work.

Each year more than 170 such organizations host their spiritual retreats on the Fair Havens Campus, accounting for well over 7,000 guests. We have also been engaged in a five year ongoing partnership withChristian Horizons to provide summer vacation experiences for developmentally challenged adults.

Fair Havens also has the privilege of supporting various life changing events in Canada with project and event management services as well as online registration support. Some such events include the Canadian Workplace Conferences in Toronto and the Street Level Conference (Roundtable for Poverty & Homelessness) in Ottawa.

We believe that the Kingdom impact of like-minded ministries is strengthened as we remove barriers of perceived ownership and begin sharing resources in a way that reflects God's ownership over all we have. This is especially critical during the current economic challenges facing Canada and the world today.