Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of our summer programs will not be available for 2020.
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Children's Programs

Fair Havens Children's Ministry is designed to provide quality programming for children from birth to those who have completed Grade 3. 

While you are being challenged and fed in Chapel, your children are connected to God's Word through songs, crafts, bible stories and games. All children are nurtured by experienced, motivated and enthusiastic staff members who have been chosen for their care and love of children.

Programming reflects the appropriate developmental levels of each age as it focuses on their emotional, spiritual, social, physical and cognitive growth.

Children will experience joy, security and value as they meet new friends, explore God's creation and share within their group's various activities. It is our desire for the Bible to come alive as the children read each page and see how God's truth applies to their everyday life!

Our summer program highlights will include:

OUTDOOR/SENSORY TIME - It is so important for children to learn through different sensory experiences and we have such beautiful grounds for the children to explore and have fun in.
BIBLE STORIES- Fun, interactive Bible teaching geared to the children's level of understanding.
WORSHIP - New this summer, worship nights for all the different age groups along with our daily worship times.
CHARACTER COUNTS - We will be teaching the children different character traits that should define us as Christians.
BUCKET FILLING - Working alongside the children doing simple acts of kindness around the camp to help them see that even though they may be little they can be a big blessing in someone else's life.
BIBLE FIND - The Rock children will have weekly old fashioned sword drills. Remember to send their Bibles along.
BE THE CHANGE/MISSIONS NIGHT - Every Thursday evening will be our missions focus night this summer. The children are encouraged to bring loose change to help support our project this summer which is purchasing animals through World Vision for needy families around the world.

We look forward to the awesome privilege of nurturing your child's relationship with Jesus as we plant the seeds to help their faith grow.

Heather Crawford
Children's Ministry Supervisor

Special Note: We are changing the services that we offer for children with special needs.  For children up to and completed grade 3 we will offer minimal support in their classroom.  For those in our youth programs, we will no longer be offering support.  We would encourage you to bring a personal support worker for any one on one services your child may require while at camp.

Schedule & Locations

Tiny Tots 0 - 19 months M-F 9:30am - 11:45am
M-F 7:00pm - End of Chapel
Sunday 10:30am - End of Chapel
Trailer behind Irwin Chapel
Starting Steps 20 - 35 months M-F 9:30am - 11:45am
M-F 7:00pm - End of Chapel
Sunday 10:30am - End of Chapel
Heritage Room
Eager Explorers 36 - 47 months M-F 9:30am - 11:45am
M-F 7:00pm - End of Chapel
Sunday 10:30am - End of Chapel
White Birch classroom (north side of tennis courts)
Kinder Kidz Completed JK
up to & including SK
M-F 9:30am - 11:45am
M-F 7:00pm - End of Chapel
Sunday 10:30am - End of Chapel
Yellow Birch classroom (north side of tennis courts)
The ROCK Completed Gr. 1
up to & including Gr. 3
M-F 9:30am - 11:45am
M-F 7:00pm - End of Chapel
Sunday 10:30am - End of Chapel
Heritage Chapel

Weekly Themes

Week 1 - Minute to Win In and Out of Doors
Week 2 - Blast from the Past and Pool Night
Week 3 - Superhero Night and Pirate Night
Week 4 - Security Night and Christmas in July
Week 5 - Career Night and Pool Night
Week 6 - Safari Night and Science Night
Week 7 - Out of Doors and Treasure Hunt Night
Week 8 - Messy Night and Pool Night
Week 9 - Career Night and Superhero Night
Tiny Tots
Week 1 - Veggie Tales Night, Superhero Night and Glow Night

Week 2 - Rainbow Night, Safari Night and Glow Night
Week 3 - Flower Night, teddy bear picnic, Glow Night
Week 4 - All Things Yellow, Under the Sea and Glow Night
Week 5 - Under the Sea, Camping and Glow Night
Week 6 - Space Night, Winter Wonderland and Glow Night 
Week 7 - Sports Night, Dr. Suess and Glow Night
Week 8 - Fun with Art, Disney and Glow Night
Week 9 - Beach Party, Bug Night and Glow Night

Starting Steps

Week 1 - Artist Night, Space Night and Glow Night
Week 2 - Fairytale Night, Superhero night and Glow Night
Week 3 - Treasure Hunt, Beach Party and Glow Night
Week 4 - Safari Night, Christmas in July and Glow Night
Week 5 - Science Night, Camping Night and Glow Night
Week 6 - Sports Night, Mystery Night and Glow Night
Week 7 - Nature Night, Teddy Bear Picnic and Glow Night
Week 8 - Apple Orchard Night, Carnival Night and Glow Night
Week 9 - Under the Sea, Pajama Party and Glow Night

Eager Explorers

Week 1 - Olympics, Colour Night
Week 2 - Picnic Night, Fairytale Night
Week 3 - A Night at the Zoo, Superhero Night
Week 4 - Beach Party, Bug Night
Week 5 - Safari Night, Everybody's Birthday 
Week 6 - Around the World, Nature Night
Week 7 - Picnic Night, Science Fun
Week 8 - Oopy Goopy Night, Campfire Night
Week 9 - Detective Night, Outer Space

Kinder Kids

Week 1 - Minute To Win It, Relay Night
Week 2 - Out of this World, Animal Night
Week 3 - PJ Party, Camping
Week 4 - Mad Science, KK Olympics
Week 5 - Wild Wild West and Everybody's Birthday
Week 6 - Hawaiian Luau and Safari Night
Week 7 - Detective Night and Teddy Bear Picnic
Week 8 - Christmas Night and Prince and Princess
Week 9 - Circus Night and Under the Sea

Pizza Party Themes

Pizza party themes for the summer are:

-Hawaii Luau

-On the Farm

-Superhero vs. Fairytale

-Glow in the Dark

Sign In / Sign Out Procedure

Ages 0 - Kinder Kidz

A strict sign in / sign out procedure is followed at Fair Havens Ministries to ensure the safety of all the children in Children's Ministry.

You will receive a tag with your child's name and number upon your arrival to program. This number will also be on your child's name tag and belongings. The tag you receive upon arrival needs to be returned when your child is picked up at the end of program by either a parent, family member or designate who is 13 years of age or older.

Should we need to contact a parent during program for any reason, this number will also appear at the front, right side of Irwin Chapel with the colour of your child's name tag. Please refer to your parent letter to clarify any other details for this procedure, upon your arrival to Fair Havens.


We ask that all children are signed in on Sunday morning and/or your child's first day to program by a parent. Please ensure you give the leaders verbal permission for your child to be able to leave the program independently. If this is not your desire we look forward to seeing you immediately after program to pick them up. 

NOTE:  Evening program is finished at the end of chapel. All parents not attending evening chapel please ensure your child is picked up between 8:00-8:15 p.m. Thank you for your cooperation! We look forward to a great week!