Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of our summer programs will not be available for 2020.
Please click here to read more about the changes for summer 2020.

Youth Ministry Skills

XT and Junior Youth get to select two Skills for each week stay at Fair Havens. Sr. Youth get to choose one Skill, and have a “Life App” Session Period 3 to discuss how to apply the principles learned in Morning Chapel.

Each Skill is led by two experienced leaders that teach youth new skills, while having fun! The goal is that each guest leaves Fair Havens with a new “skill” that they can take home after the summer!

Active Sports

Are you an active person? Learn the skills to shoot hoops like a pro, or enjoy playing Frogger; our spin on beach volleyball. Other sports in our Active Sports rotation are Ga Ga Ball (or Octoball), Touch Football, Kickball, Soccer, Road Hockey and Team Building activities. Remember, there is no “I” in “Team”!


A timeless camp classic; our instructors guide youth to use focus and precision with recurve bows to reach the target. With a combination of drills and games, campers can expect to daily improve their marksmanship for Friday’s Tournament Day!

Baking 101

The goal of this Skill is to connect youth with fundamental kitchen skills, so that they can feel comfortable and confident to be sous chefs at home! With less of an emphasis on baking as past years, campers can experiment with a variety of doughs, leavenings, and decorating. 

Climbing (High Ropes / Mt. Moriah)

We at Fair Havens are blessed with a High Ropes Course, Low Ropes Course, and Rock Climbing Wall. Our trained instructors keep youth safe, while overcoming new heights and having fun! 

Creative Arts

More than arts and crafts; experiment with a variety of art forms, including paint, textiles, nature, and words. Our instructors love to be creative, and encourage youth to unleash creativity! This is a great Skill for those who enjoy bringing souvenirs home, to remember summer memories for years to come!

Digital Photography (please bring your own camera)

Whether you want to be a professional photographer, or ramp up your Instagram game, our Digital Photography instructors teach you the skills needed to take clear and crisp photos. Learn different tips and tricks that will help you capture memories here at Fair Havens, and have your photos featured in our weekly slideshow!
* Must bring your own camera (any picture-taking device qualifies, including a phone camera, DSLR, point and shoot).

Out in the Wild

Did you know that Fair Havens doubles as an Outdoor Education Centre during the school year? Youth get to learn about nature while playing in the greatest classroom; the great outdoors. Camp classics include shelter and fire building.


Similar to Swimming Lesson levels, youth have the opportunity to improve their paddling skills and increase their Canoeing Levels, including take-home badges and certificates.