Spring Pre-visit Ideas

O.C.E. Spring Curriculum - Pre/post-trip Lesson Option Ideas...
Pond/Stream Studies:
Create an indoor terrarium using a fish tank, charcoal, gravel (for drainage) dirt, cellophane (for the lid) & appropriate plants. If everyone brings something, the costs should be minimal. Use the terrarium to study water cycles, germination of plants and seeds & plant growth similar to what they will encounter at the pond.

spring2.gifCanoeing/Trent Canal:

Research the origins of the canoe as a method of travel & also for the shipping of goods. Research the use of locks & canal systems throughout Canada, North America and the World. E.g. Rideau Canal, Welland Canal, Erie Canal, Trent-Severn Waterway, Panama Canal.
Camouflage Walk:
Encourage students to wear a wool stock over their shoe & walk around outdoors (seeds, etc.). You never realized they were there! Draw/colour camouflage creatures.

spring4.gifOrienteering/Map Skills:
Draw a map of your classroom. Don't forget to create a legend unique to your environment including compass points. Collect local road maps or city maps. Have the students map out a route from the school to home, to a local store, etc. Better yet plan a bike trip between your town and a neighbouring community, decide which route would be the shortest, the most scenic, the least topographically difficult (no hills!!).
Study germination & leaf budding with a simple experiment using zip-lock bags with damp cotton balls and seeds. Tape one bag to a window and tape another inside a closet or dark area. Chart the growth each day. How long before there is evidence of germination? What do plants need to survive? What are the parts of a plant?

A creative art project such as a paper mache or play dough underwater creature of the fossil world to discover size comparisons. Create your own fossils with Plaster of Paris and leaves or ferns. Imbed the leaf in a wet cast of plaster and after it has started to dry remove the object to reveal the fossilized imprint below.

Preparation for an OCE visit often involves focusing the excitement of anticipation! We, too, look forward to your class visit prayerfully. Talk with the students about their expectations & their favourite spring activities. Writing about their past experiences helps them to focus and prepare for the reality of the O.C.E. trip and what the Lord wants to teach them from this time away from their normal environment. A "what-to-bring" list should be given to each student (Educator's Handbook p. 21). We gather to learn & worship in Christ's presence. Mt. 18:20. Enjoy the activities we have included for your classroom use!

Educating Outdoors for Christ, Brian Mactavish B.E.S, B. Ed, M.Sc.Ed, Fair Glen Director.