Winter Pre-visit Ideas

O.C.E. Winter Curriculum - Pre/post-trip Lesson Option Ideas...
Graph a record of the daily temperature (Max/Min) and put out a piece of plywood (1m sq.) in an undisturbed outdoor place to measure/graph fresh snowfall (clean off snow after metre stick measurement). With I/S students, couple the weather observations with classroom barometer and precipitation when the barometer drops - clearing conditions when barometric pressure rises (compare with internet forecast).

winter2.gifX-C Skiing/skating:
Research the origins of skiing in general and cross-country skiing in particular. Note how it has aided winter travel historically, recreationally and developed in professional sports. The combination of grip and glide enable the skier to go forward. Students may be enriched further in researching the physics of propulsion in the grip and glide of ski & skating equipment.
Wilderness Survival:
What are your basic needs for survival day to day? What does our body need to stay alive? List important things given by each student, then prioritize the list from "most" to "least" important to survival. Do a similar list for "spiritual" survival!

winter4.gifWinter Living Things (Plants/Birds/Insects):
Survival for other living things is a great struggle. Sort living things observed in your area into "wintergories" of God's design. Hibernators/Migrators/Survivors (include: Seeders (e.g. Sugar maple); Rooters (e.g. Trillium); Dormants; & life/seasonal-Stagers (e.g. deciduous trees, insects). Fast Lane, Fast Life, Fasting! Research God's provision for over-wintering for animals through the miracle of hibernation with its energy management and alteration of body rhythms.
Animal Signs:
Tracks, chews, droppings, coverings, homes, etc, all give evidence of the story of living in God's creation. Have students suggest what evidence we leave behind (detective) and compare to the animal clues. Have them draw a scene with some tracks, marks, etc. and then write a story to tell the tale of what went on before...!

winter6.gifWinter is a challenge for all... in modern civilizations, we have become "insulated" from the natural elements-storms/cold. Have students consider spending more time outside (for 1 week at least before F.G. visit) being observant. Make journal entries on wildlife, cloud/wind, precipitation, their mood and clothing needs vs. current weather.

Preparation for an OCE visit often involves focusing the excitement of anticipation! We, too, look forward to your class visit prayerfully. Talk with the students about their expectations & their favourite spring activities. Writing about their past experiences helps them to focus and prepare for the reality of the O.C.E. trip and what the Lord wants to teach them from this time away from their normal environment. A "what-to-bring" list should be given to each student (Educator's Handbook p. 21). Remember "layers" & have "extra" to wear when other clothing dries. We gather to learn & worship in Christ's presence. Mt. 18:20. Enjoy the activities we have included for your classroom use!

Educating Outdoors for Christ, Brian Mactavish B.E.S, B. Ed, M.Sc.Ed, Fair Glen Director.