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Amenity Fees

We are excited to offer programming to both children, youth and adults this summer. Our program fee provides all inclusive access to our organized weekly programming, special events, and all our facility amenities such as watercraft, pool and much more!  All fees are plus HST.

Day Guest Fee

Adults (18+): $14.00, Children & Youth (18 months – 17 years): $7.00, Infants (0 – 17 months): Free

* No Day Guest Fee for Sunday, but guests must still sign-in at the office upon arrival.
* Saturday BBQ is not included in the Day Guest Fee. Day Guests must purchase tickets for the Saturday BBQ separately.

Weekly Fee (7-nights)

Adults (18+): $63.00, Children & Youth (18 months – 17 years): $80.50, Infants (0 – 17 months): Free

Weekend Fee

Adults (18+): $18.00, Children & Youth (18 months – 17 years): $23.00, Infants (0 – 17 months): Free

Partial Week Fees

1-night 2-nights 3-nights 4-nights 5-nights 6-nights
Adults (18+) $9.00 $18.00 $27.00 $36.00 $45.00 $54.00
Children & Youth
(18 months – 17 years)
$11.50 $23.00 $34.50 $46.00 $57.50 $69.00
Infants (0 – 17 months) Free (no programming)

2024 Discounts

Separate discounts will be applied for where you are staying as well as on your Facility/Amenities fees. One discount will be applied for each charge.

Applies to Full Week Stays Only – Saturday to Saturday, eligible from June 29, 2024 – August 31 2024. (Applied at guest request, proof of eligibility may be required)

Discounts do not apply to Housekeeping Trailers, Meals or Facility/Amenity fees unless specified.

Discount Type Amount Discount on
Freedom 55 10% Full week, Facility/Amenity
Full-Time Pastors 10% Full week, Facility/Amenity
2024 Week 8 & 9 20% Full week, Accommodations / Campsites
Stepping Stones Alumni 20% Accommodations / Campsites
FULL WEEK (7 nights, Saturday to Saturday) 10% Accommodations / Campsites
Christian Horizon Guests discount of 50% off facility/amenity fees, 25% off meals
Christian Horizon PSW   $10 per night in camping or accommodations, and 25% off meals
“Friends & Family” See “Friends & Family” below


These discounts are only applicable through email or phone call. If booking online, please contact the Fair Havens office to have the discount(s) applied.

Friends & Family Amenity Fee Discount

Amenity Discount:

  • Have you booked a Family Camp vacation at Fair Havens Camp and Conference Centre this summer? And are you planning on bringing friends or family along for the first time? If so, we are thrilled to offer you a special amenity fee discount!
  • We’re offering current Fair Havens guests to invite their friends and family along for summer Family Camp, and enjoy a 50% discount on amenity fees for all parties in the group.
  • And, when you invite multiple first time families or friends who also book their stay with us, you can receive multiple amenity fee discounts!
  • Book today with your friends and family, and receive your amenity fee discount this summer. For full terms and conditions see below.
  • We’re excited to see you, and your friends and family this summer for Family Camp!

    Discount Policies: 

    • Current Fair Havens guests (have attended Fair Havens Family Camp at any point) are encouraged to invite their friends and family (who have not attended Fair Havens Family Camp within the past 5 years).

    • All invited guests will receive 50% off of their facility/Amenity fees, up to $100 in value. 

    • All guests who invite others will receive the same value discount applied to their own facility/amenity fees up to a maximum of their total Facility/Amenity bill.
      *To note: inviters can invite multiple guests and receive multiple discounts applied to their stay!*

    • This is applicable to all bookings, regardless of duration of stay, location of stay, or amount of guests on the booking, so long as it follows regular Fair Havens booking and stay guidelines. 


      • This discount is applied to bookings only once both reservations have been paid in FULL. 

      • If one of the parties cancels, the remaining party will lose their discount unless they locate a replacement group. (Standard cancellation policies apply) 

      • Both parties do not need to attend Fair Havens for an identical duration, nor do they need to attend the same week (although we would prefer it). If ever the invited party attends after the departure of the inviting party, the discount will be added to both reservations once both have been paid in full. 

      • If one party invites more than one family, they will be eligible to claim all accrued 50% amounts limited to the maximum amount for their facility/Amenity fee. – I.e Family A invites Family B and C. Family B has a discount value of $40, and Family C has a discount value of $100. Family A would then receive $140 off of their Facility/Amenity fee. 

      • In order for this discount to apply, BOTH parties must contact the FH office AFTER booking to confirm their reservations and intent to “book together” 

      • This discount can be used in combination with any one applicable discount from the list that does not pertain to the facility/amenity fee. One full week stay 10% discount is applicable with this discount. Freedom 55 and the Pastors discount is not applicable with this discount, however, they can be applied instead if the amount becomes greater than the “you’re invited” discount.

      • This discount also applies to any Season Site Lease Holder who invites multiple people, and can receive up to a maximum of $1500 off of their reservation if they invite up to 15 families who all fill up to $100 in amenity fees.