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Fair Havens Camp & Conference Centre

Retreat & Group event booking agreement

Thank you for choosing to host your upcoming retreat at Fair Havens.
We are looking forward to partnering with you to make your event a success! Our goal is to provide a place of service, comfort and renewal throughout your stay with us. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Fair Havens team, who will be collaborating with you throughout this process.


BOOKING & DAMAGE DEPOSIT – This refundable* deposit is required to secure your reservation with Fair Havens Ministries. This deposit will be utilized to secure the dates and space listed on your quote. This deposit will be held until after the retreat and refunded, pending damages, or transferred to the following year as per your request. The Booking & Damage deposit is an additional charge to the retreat total cost, and is not applicable as a payment for the reservation as a whole unless otherwise indicated upon special request.

*90+ days prior to arrival – Deposit is 100% refundable.
*Within 3 months prior to arrival – Deposit is 50% refundable.
*Within 1 month prior to arrival – Deposit is forfeited in its entirety.

REBOOKING – We will place a temporary hold on the same relative dates in the following year for your group to discuss whether or not you would like to return. After these two weeks are up, a decision will need to be communicated about your booking preferences for following events. If we receive no answer we will release the dates to be booked by another group.

DEFERRING RESERVATIONS – Booking deposits may be deferred to a future year within the same relative dates, in accordance with the rebooking policy. All cancellation fees and timelines apply to deferring reservations.


CAPITAL RENEWAL FEE – A facility fee of $2.50 per guest, per night is charged for continual upkeep and
maintenance of Fair Havens Ministries facilities. The capital renewal fee was included in your quote.

ONE NIGHT PREMIUM – This additional charge is applied at a rate of $10.00 per guest for one night
only. The one-night premium fee was included in your quote (if applicable).

DAY GUEST FEE – A facility fee of $10.00 per guest will be applied for any guests who do not require
overnight accommodation (if applicable). Day guests will be charged for meals taken in the dining room.

PER-PERSON DEPOSIT – A non-refundable deposit of $30.00 per person will be required no later than 2 weeks prior to arrival. The per person deposit is not an additional charge and is deducted from the total invoice amount once received.

HOLIDAY PREMIUM FEE – Charged a fee of $10 per person for retreats that fall on a Holiday.


FINAL PAYMENT – Is required to be paid, in full, upon arrival. Invoice adjustments will be made, if required, at the time of arrival for any last-minute updates.

GRATUITIES – Gratuities are optional; they are not included in your group rate. You may choose to put a specific amount on your invoice or at your last meal where you will be provided the opportunity to do so.


ACCOMMODATION FINALIZATIONS – Are required 60 days prior to arrival. You will need to confirm the number and style of rooms to be reserved for your retreat. This will allow you to assess your projected guest needs; and will protect Fair Havens Ministries from excessive losses due to inaccurate room allotment. We understand if changes are necessary and will do our best, within reason, to accommodate your needs.

FINAL GROUP NUMBERS & ROOM ARRANGEMENTS – Required no later than 2 weeks prior to arrival. In order to properly prepare our staff for your upcoming retreat, it is important to have final numbers and room arrangements submitted at your earliest convenience.

PROOF OF INSURANCE – Is required upon arrival, or forwarded by email or fax at any time. Please provide the coverage indicating “off-site” activities. If your organization does not hold an insurance policy, we are happy to provide a ‘Waiver of Liability’ for each guest to sign.

MEETING ROOM SETUP – Are required no later than 2 weeks prior to arrival. In order to properly prepare for your retreat, we need to know how you would like your meeting room setup, and what equipment you will require.

GUEST NAMES & ADDRESSES – Are required upon arrival, or sent by email or fax at any time. We require this information as we fall under the jurisdiction of the Hotel/Motel Act.

EVENT/RETREAT SCHEDULE – Required at your earliest convenience, if applicable.