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Example Program Schedule

Fair Glen Staff welcome + bathroom break
Puppet Show (Maple Forest Themed Introduction)
15-20 minute rotations through LEARNING STATIONS:

1. Forest Community (how to ID maple trees & discuss sunlight/roots etc)
2. Tapping Trees (learn what equipment is needed and help install a bucket)
3. Sap Collection (watch it drip, taste it and collect it)
4. History Station (hands on learning with older collecting/boiling methods)
5. Sugar Shack Tour (discuss steam vs smoke, gravity & the secret recipe)
6. Maple Games (short forest games to run off any extra energy before lunch)

Group size: 45 students (3 stations) – 90 students (6 stations)

Lunch: Pancake/sausages (with REAL Fair Glen homemade syrup)
Wagon Ride + Taffy on snow (to complete this sweet experience)

2023 Price: $29+HST/student (all inclusive) half day maple experience (March & April)

Maple Syrup

If interested in purchasing Fair Glen Maple Syrup harvested at our Outdoor Education Centre, stop by the Fair Havens main office to pick up a bottle or two! 1-800-430-5059. Thank you for supporting our Outdoor Education Centre!

To learn how this syrup is made watch the videos below: